In 2008, Frank and Maria Scalish made a bold decision in the basement of their Lakewood home. They were going to start a business.

“It was the midst of a recession,” Frank said, “And people thought we were crazy, but I never paid attention to that. To me, the glass was half full and there was a great opportunity to create a lasting legacy of building a greater Cleveland while honoring the past and making buildings healthier. The sky was the limit when we started, and it still is!”

Scalish Construction is celebrating more than a decade of success and has completed over 150 projects to date.  With a keen focus on the restoration of historic homes and commercial buildings, Scalish looks forward to contributing to a greater Cleveland for years to come.



When we do a project, we’re positively impacting one family in one house, or one business in one building. But in the future there will be other families in that house, and other businesses in that building. It’s remarkable the effect one project can have on multiple families and businesses. That’s what we mean when we say we want to create a legacy of making buildings healthier. It can have a huge impact on our community.”

For Scalish Construction, the green movement isn’t just a fad or trend. The Scalish team already has a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited professional on staff, and Frank is currently studying to become WELL Building accredited to improve human health and well-being through the built environment. These accreditations denote the highest commitment to maximizing occupant health and buildings’ environmental efficiency.

Scalish Construction sets a high bar for quality of service and craftsmanship. “We won’t put our team, the environment or the community in harm’s way by going down a path for the easiest profit,” says Maria. “It’s not a hard decision to make because we know not using toxic or hazardous materials is the right thing to do.”