Architects & Designers

If you are an architect or designer, Scalish Construction is your ideal construction management partner.  We have a solid reputation for high quality and consistent work that respects your designs as well as client demands. 

In short, we make you look good.

Scalish Construction is reliable. When we commit to a project, we are in for the long haul. We don’t take every job; we partner with you on projects that align with our values and expertise. 

Scalish Construction is dedicated to quality and artistry. We have a passion for architecture from historic restoration to new contemporary construction, and we make sure that the details of your project conform to your vision and design. We don’t cut corners; we obsess over every corner and make sure each is historically accurate and appropriate to the project!

Scalish Construction is a budget watchdog. We are always mindful of costs and we will perform on budget and on time. 

When you need a contractor for specialty construction in Greater Cleveland, make sure you call Scalish Construction.